Rochelle Schieck, Founder of Qoya


Rochelle Schieck loves to move in her body and around the world. She started dancing as a young girl growing up in Minnesota until she was summoned by the call of adventure. Her love of movement and the desire to explore life’s meaning compelled her to spend the last 15+ years traveling around the world as a student and teacher to places throughout North and South America, Europe, Africa, India, Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Rochelle began instructing various yoga styles for all ages and abilities, several dance modalities and NIA. In the last 10+ years, she has led over 4,000 movement classes, facilitated hundreds of private sessions and taken women on over 20 retreats to 6 different continents. (Next stop, Antarctica!) 

Her passion to explore the emerging essence of the feminine in her own life, and then in movement, coupled with her experience as a personal trainer, certified massage therapist, shamanic energy healer and her degree in Interdisciplinary Fine Arts have all influenced her creation of the movement system, Qoya. Qoya just celebrated her 5 year anniversary on March 1st, 2014. Join Rochelle and learn more about her movement in her ted-style talks below.


Walk a Mile in Her Shoes: 

Imperatrix Amaia, Founder of Carnavalesque 

I love to feature a Stiletto Gal who is a triple threat all around, but in the case of Imperatrix Amaia, we might need to coin a new term for the dozens of hats that she wears because Imperatrix does it all and then some! An award-winning Cirque du Soleil performer and director and global business entrepreneur, she is also a noted Sufi trance master through family lineage and in 2012, served as master of ceremonies and as a key figure at one of the world’s biggest stages and platforms, the Rio de Janeiro Carnaval, where she made Brazilian history by being the first foreign artist to become the Rio de Janeiro Carnival Queen. Having relocated permanently to LA since, I got the chance to chat with Imperatrix today about her new work as the Director of The Carnavalesque, how to get performers motivated, and how she overcame a huge setback early on in the business...

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