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Lunar Radiance

Most of us have been raised believing that menstruation is a nuisance we must cope with in order to participate in functioning society. What if the opposite were true? What if within the Menstrual Cycle lay our greatest power as women?

Indeed, our cyclical nature offers an insightful system of checks and balances that allow us to curate, enjoy, and fine tune our reality month after month. If you constantly feel that you are working against the flow of your physical, mental, & emotional truth, then fostering a sustainable relationship with your cycle all month long will invite newfound freedom, energy, and enthusiasm for your feminine nature and reinforce your capacity for flourishing. Lunar Radiance Consultations are one on one, personalized experiences that foster menstrual cycle awareness and facilitate flow in your everyday life. 


  • Foster a Relationship With Your Cyclical, Feminine Nature

  • Learn Sustainable Ways to Design a Creative, Productive, Spiritually Aligned Cycle Experience

  •  Learn the Natural Superpowers Each Phase of Your Inner Lunar Cycle Offers

  • Take Active Steps Towards Healing Your Menstrual Experience Naturally



*Led by Lunar Radiance Consultant Alyssa Aparicio

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