To schedule an intake session, please fill out the form below and one of our customer wellness specialists will contact you shortly.  All appointment reservation sales are final.

Our Initial LIT Session:

- Two hour live Consultation and Behavioral Therapy (employing Somatic Behaviorism for Flourishing,  Transtheoretical and Socio Ecological Models of Change).

- Five hours of individualized, curated Harvard Lifestyle Medicine research for the development of a unique, evidence-based, customized Motivational Interviewing questionnaire & personalized lifestyle treatment plan for client (contingent upon client's completion of personalized Lifestyle Questionnaire).

- Lifestyle Medicine Prescriptions (includes specifics of Frequency, Intensity, Type and Time).

- Access to an elite network of multi-disciplinary resources, Harvard connections, and in appropriate cases, direct collaboration with world-renowned partners, experts, thought leaders and specialists across needed disciplines.

Our initial LIT intake session fee is $1,200 US.  Subsequent LIT follow up sessions are $500.00 US per session. 

Lunar Radiance Sessions:

- One hour live Consultation

- Customized Menstrual Wellness plan.

- Personalized hormonal scheduling guide for the month ahead. 

Our Lunar Radiance Sessions are $200 US per session.  


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