What? Are you still pretending you are separate from the Beloved?" -- Rumi

Where do we turn to in this hurried world, when our heart is thirsty for some comfort? When a loved one has transitioned, and we are left behind with an endless sorrow, trying to find the strength to move forward. How do we heal a broken, disenchanted heart?



 How do we overcome a transgression, a deep disappointment, and find hope, meaning, inspiration when we feel we are in the midst of a dark tunnel? Is there a way to naturally ignite that special part of ourselves, the part that is light: playful and immortal, radiant and infinite in its beauty.

Is there a way to deliberately connect to a part of us that is Love's ecstasy incarnate, and live life with the pure exhilaration and wild rapture of a child's delight?   I believe the answer is buried as a precious jewel, deep within.  Let me hold you, my dear, and take you by the hand, to the source of all gentleness; the Paradise that is the truth of who you are... -- Devla