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We are pioneers in Socially Ecological products and services. We provide premier Lifestyle Consulting delivered globally, in over 10 languages. We are Harvard trained Behaviorists, Researchers and Innovators. We are proud to be creators of masterfully tailored Eco Lux Lifestyle strategies, providing scientifically validated, culturally sensitive, world-class alternatives to traditional lifestyle needs. Our area of specialty is Flourishing.


Our clinic specializes in Somatic Behavior Modification that provides a powerful and effective means of creating lasting lifestyle changes on both a cognitive, physiological and behavioral level. It is a holistic approach of “total sensory communication” between the mind and body. Some people call it personal and professional self-improvement. We here at The Lifestyle Spa have coined the term LIT:  


 In simple language, this is our arena. We specialize in areas that do not qualify as a medical disorder or an emotional and mental disorder. In the scope of health services, these are the little things that the majority of the world is struggling with. Unlike Psychologists and Medical Doctors, our Lifestyle Specialists are the only professional specifically trained to work primarily with these 'languid' lifestyle issues.


A CLINIC FOR thriving

It is probably safe to say that 95 percent of the people you know would like to improve their professional and personal life in one area or another. Just in the United States alone, two thirds of the adult population are overweight, one third smoke cigarettes and 70 percent suffer from some form of insomnia. Our primary focus is vocational and avocational self-awareness and self-improvement, yet in cases of medical etiology, we work hand in hand under the referral of a state licensed Medical Professional. 

CONFIDENCE. motivation. Excellence.

This integrative approach enables us to create highly multidimensional wellness plans for our clients, facilitating healing, and complementing perfectly, any medical treatment plan prescribed by their MDs. Effectively reducing stressful lifestyle patterns and contraindicated habits is the key. However, enhanced lifestyle needs such as confidence, motivation, peak performance, stress management, weight-loss, smoking cessation, and more are the exclusive domain of the clinical Hypnotherapist. 


Our founder is a Harvard trained Lifestyle Medicine Specialist. Our Board Certified Behaviorists, distinguished in their field, are graduates of the nationally accredited HMI College of Clinical Hypnotherapy. They have more hours, length and depth of training in Somatic Behaviorism, Motivation and Lifestyle Change than any other health care professional.  They are the utmost authority in fulfilling these globally sought after lifestyle needs.


With over 10 office locations worldwide, our services are also virtually conducted via sophisticated HD live video-conferencing sessions in over 10 languages with clients from every corner & cultural legacy of the world, providing extraordinary relief and transformation in the intimacy, pleasure and comfort of their own homes.

The Lifestyle Spa, CEO & Founder: Devla Mahler, C.Ht

A pioneer in the global integrative healthcare arena, Devla is joined by entrepreneur client Julia Ball in a discussion about how Somatic Behaviorism helped her turn her business vision into a reality. Devla also explores the therapeutic principles at the core of her innovative integrative lifestyle counseling approach and why her clinic continues to succeed in helping thousands of people around the world emotionally, physically and spiritually: Thrive.