The Show

Carnavalesque is comprised of the world's top female cirque performers and iconic Rio de Janeiro Carnival queens. With a company structure comprised of some 30+ state of the art female cirque performers, our highlighted 'elite Courtesans'  include Irina Kazakova, (Most Flexible Woman in the World), Hannah Fraser (Celebrity Mermaid & International Marine Activist), Kamala Mathis (World Fire Hoop Champion), Erin Cervantes, Kate & Mei, & Alicia Marie (Aerialist Extraordinaires), and Imperatrix Amaia (2012 Rio de Janeiro Carnaval Queen) to name just a few.

This international elite troupe has come together the create "The Carnavalesque Awakening" - a cutting edge, trance inducing performance experience guaranteed to make your head spin with bliss and your heart explode.