Welcome to L'Atelier de Imperatrix: Sustainable, Exquisite, Decadent, Luxury for the Ethical Consumer. Atelier Imperatrix is a Premium Organic Couture Brand. A first of its kind. Its founders are classically trained fine artists from the Florence Academy of Art in Italy, and graduates of the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture in Paris. 100% Organic, Non-Toxic, ECO Couture. Tailored in Paris, Made in the USA.


Our Spring 2018 Organic Eco-Couture Collection, SIREN, was born in the Amalfi Coast, Capri, the Mythical Land of Sirens. The ancient pagan myths of Venus and her transcendent beauty and power are the backdrop. The finest organic textiles, pigments, married to art of adornment are the narrative. Patterns, silhouettes, hues, textures, sourced from endless historical research from the richest ancient sites of the world. We proudly create Moving Poetries of 'Couleur et Flou'. Filled with Ancient Meanings. Ancient Powers. Meet us at the intersection of Transcendence and Desire. 

Our 2018 Signature Silhouette Launch: "The Siren" at LA Fashion Week:

To order our Custom Eco Couture, made to measure LIMITED edition 100% Organic Therapeutic Silks Siren Kimono: 

100% Organic Undyed Therapeutic Charmeuse- Siren Silhouette 12.5 momme  $1750

100% Organic Undyed Lustruous De Chine- Siren Silhouette 16.5 momme $1650

100% Organic Undyed Therapeutic Charmeuse- Siren Silhouette 19.5 momme  $1850

 100% Organic Undyed Therapeutic Dupioni- Siren Silhoutte 24 momme $1950

Collection 2018 in Production.